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White sheet

Above the white sheet will have to sit longer. The calculation of profitable sites here depends on the number of leads. It does not make sense to add to the white list those resources from which you received a conversion for 10-20 leads, even if it is a huge plus compared to other sources. As long as the conversion does not rise to at least 50, you will not find much benefit for yourself. Although, of course, it all depends on the advertiser's market offer: for expensive goods or services, even one lead can recoup all investments.

In general, there are several options for compiling white sheets:

1. Show your creatives only at selected sites. This feature is available in You keep track of resources with the most profitable conversions and pour exclusively on them. In this case, you need to keep abreast: look for new sites, experiment with existing ones, etc.

2. Forming a white-list through raising bids. You can not enter the most profitable conversion resources into a list, but simply buy traffic from them at a higher price, increasing the priority of displaying your ads. But here you need to be careful and find the ideal ratio between the cost of advertising / income from it. It is difficult to say what is more important for an advertiser or arbitrator: white or black. Ideal for an effective campaign would be a combination of both methods. Make lists, analyze, supplement and change sources - and you will have an envelope and a profit!