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Popunder, I choose you!

Good day, dear partners!

Today we will talk about one of the advertising formats on the Internet - popunder , and also find out, so to speak, with what they eat it.

This format attracts a lot of visitors - and at the same time significantly saves the budget. It works as follows: a user, looking through an advertising platform, clicks on any area of ​​the site, and the advertiser's landing page opens in the adjacent tab. To launch this format in our network DonutAd you only need to link to the resource with the advertised product \ service.

A simple example of how clickunder works:

You went to the online cinema site, wanting to watch a new series of your favorite TV series. Having prepared for viewing, you click on the PLAY ... And here - a new tab opens with the suggestions: “Buy a means for losing weight!”

or "Here's your bonus on slot machines!". If the affiliate program of the webmaster has the function of saving cookies, and the user after a certain time takes the coveted action that the advertisers need, then the owner of the advertising site will receive the remuneration percentage due.

Thesis about popunder - all “for” and “against”

Pros popunder:

  • cheap traffic ;
  • Large volumes;
  • Wide audience reach;
  • Quick start format;
  • Does not require promotional materials for work.
Cons popunder :
  • Poor loyalty to the format and mistrust of users to this type of advertising;
  • The difference is in statistics, as the user can immediately close the window even before loading the statistics code;
  • To get results from this format, you need to work closely with it and at least put together a black list.
  • Popunder treat aggressive advertising , but working with it will help you increase conversion from traffic and minimize ad costs.