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How to tame popunder and make it generate income?

For this format, you must correctly create an ad unit so that you can immediately hook the user and prevent him from closing the page. What should a person see in a new tab after opening popunder:

  • Colorful header;
  • Bright image to attract attention;
  • Decent offer (discount, promotion, gift);
  • Minimalism (less text - more sense in the sentence itself).

Usually a warning is written on the popunder that the promotion is valid for the last hours and the user has a little time (2 hours, an hour, 10 minutes) to place an order. What if the fortune smiled at him and he got on a product that he had long wanted? To increase the likelihood of such an event, you need to know what audience this or that offer is intended for. And broadcast advertising on those sites where potential customers may be. clickunder is also used by large business players in the form of viral advertising - the one that eats into the user's brain, like the chorus “Oh God, what a man!”. For example, a large company has no goal to get a high conversion in this format, but there is a goal to tell a large audience about yourself and as cheap as possible. And here popunder comes into play. It usually comes in conjunction with the VAST-PreRoll format. As a rule, such advertisements are launched at least for a week and with a focus on a very wide audience.

By the way, popunder is quite popular among our partners. The result of the survey of our users, "What format do you like better?": It is IMPORTANT to understand that you are working with an unprepared audience. clickunder initially prevents you from making a pre-planned action. This can cause irritation, and the depth of views will be lower than that of a teaser stream. But the user can always convince a tempting offer.

Remember: popunder can be run as a test flow of traffic and a specific offer.

Where to start, or initial testing:

  • 1. Initially, we run everything on the minimum settings (no extensions).
  • 2. You can run only on Desktop traffic (or separately on Mobile traffic).
  • 3. We test at least a week (you can customize clickunder for a specific time target - it depends on the intended audience).
  • 4. Twist advertising , we analyze. You can start collecting the first black list.
  • 5. After a week of the test, we look at the results: we spent a minimum of funds, there are several conversions and other results. We analyze them and work further!

The more similar tests you perform, the more you will select popunder settings that are right for you. They will bring the coveted registration \ purchase \ actions with minimal subsequent costs.