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Black / White sheets: strong allies for traffic envelope 1 part

Getting started with popunder or push networks? Or try other areas of online advertising? Then you definitely need to learn how to create, customize, fill black and white sheets - and also figure out what it is all about.

Let's start with the concepts. Blacklist (blacklist, blacklist, blacklist) is a list of resources from which you block traffic for your campaign. The list consists of links to sites or IP numbers. The reasons for blocking can be different: inappropriate audience that does not generate income, a large number of bots, etc.

White-list (whitelist, white-list, white-list) is a list of resources that the campaign creator sets a higher priority for traffic compared to other sources. The list consists of links to sites or IP numbers. There are several types of whitelists, but in clickunder networks, the most often presented option is that in which marked resources become the only sources of traffic. These sheets are especially important when working with clickunder, where advertising is rotated on a very large number of sites and has a wide audience reach.

How to compose?

Lists of “white” and “black” resources are created based on traffic analysis. Therefore, at first it is advised to do as much coverage of resources as possible for a small price - and then gradually narrow the search area, concentrating on more profitable sources.

To analyze traffic, that is, users, you need to use macros (utm tags), which can be found in popunder, affiliate programs, Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct services, etc. The necessary tool for working with popunder is trackers or TDS.

In some cases, it makes sense to conduct a split test of your site, landing page, creativity - a comprehensive study with the aim of identifying effective and inefficient parties. To do this, they usually launch several samples with different illustrations, headings, etc. in the test.

The analysis gave the first results? We begin to carefully study them!