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Black / White sheets: filtering sources 1 part

The result of the first traffic drain will help us determine the overall picture and understand by what criteria it is better to compile a black list. Depending on the capabilities of the advertising platform with which you cooperate, you can block a separate resource, news (on the news windows) or even a news section. You can analyze the situation by:

1. Revenue . We blacklist those sites where money has merged, without bringing conversions. Most likely, bot traffic is coming from this site - this can be determined by analyzing user behavior (how long it was on the site, what is the depth of viewing, etc.). But perhaps you just did not hit your target audience. In this case, you should not write off the site - it is better to study its users more carefully and remember for future campaigns in other areas (by writing it in the black list for the current one, of course).

2. User Behavior . We wrote about it above. This category is especially important for those who work with CPA traffic. It is the “movements” of hosts on the site that can tell you whether you need this platform or not (and at the same time you can check whether your landing page or site is generally perceived).

Every self-respecting advertiser or arbitrator has to compile his own black list of resources in order to use it on his campaigns in the future and narrow down the selection of unreliable sites. By the way, you can use someone else’s blacklists, but you shouldn’t trust them too much: the data may become outdated or simply not suitable for you. For example, the list may show a website without bots, from which you could get decent traffic. Just for the originator, he was untargeted, and that made the list.